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Photographing mothers-to-be has become one of my passions this year.

In January I lost my mother to a very brief and sudden turn of events. My father passed away 6+ years ago, and to not have my very vibrant mother beside me and my family to help navigate all the years I have left with my little children has been a hard realization. This is another blog post, entirely.

I’ve been a photographer in the Charlotte area since 2012 when I officially launched this business (I’ve been in photography and art/creative-writing for a LONG time). But since then, I’ve maybe only had 5 requests to photograph maternity sessions, as opposed to hundreds of newborn sessions.

I’m not kidding. It’s a staggering gulf between the two. And this makes no sense to me. We place all the emphasis on the baby (which it clearly deserves!) but almost none on the mother. And this goes WAY beyond maternity photographs. We receive very little postpartum care. Maybe a well visit almost 6 WEEKS after we’ve given birth. No one checks if we are really okay. How we are handling not sleeping at all, while also being thrown into breastfeeding for the first time.

And I think this really comes down to we only value women/mothers with our words. Not with our actions. We have all the language that we need to lift mothers up, celebrate them, care for them, ect. without really following through on any of it. So SO SOOOOO many mothers come to me having to “convince” their husbands that photography is worth it for them and the baby. This seems ludicrous to me. So I determined to do a little small part in the effort to help mothers feel more valued in this life, which is why I began offering COMPLIMENTARY maternity sessions with your booked newborn session. And you know what? Since then I’ve photographed 10 maternity sessions in just 3 months.

And I am so thrilled to offer maternity photography! I love these sessions so much. Studio or on-location, celebrating and feeling proud of what your body has been able to do through the grace of God is nothing short of wonderful!

Just a few short weeks ago, I photographed this lovely mother-to-be at one of my favorite locations near Ballantyne. Here are some of my personal favorites from this dreamy maternity session.


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Ballantyne/Charlotte Maternity Photographer | Dreamy Maternity Session | Amanda McQuade Photography