This is just the beginning

don’t settle for ordinary

I and my staff here at AMP believe in honesty, integrity, authentic photographs, real joy, unscripted tears, and kindness. If we can do anything, we want to make you feel welcomed, a part of our family, a friend we hold dear. You are not our portfolio or Pinterest board. You are a person giving your life to another, together. That needs real truth told in a thoughtful way.

What is your story?

More than just gorgeous photographs, we love story. Adventure stories. Sad stories. Romance.

We still believe in romance. Not roses and mood-music romance, necessarily, but romance that’s far and above the superficial.

I will tell you that over time your view of romance and sacrificial love will change dramatically, so it’s important to me to remember and document this stage of your lives well precisely because it will grown and shift and move into another form of love far beyond what it is now.

What I am all about with photography

My style with weddings is timeless, true, dreamy photographs. I want you to look back and actually feel the joy and nerves and laughter from your wedding day. This is why I edit in a clear and light way (I want you to always love this style - it’s tried and true) and it’s why I hang back and shoot in a very non-invasive way. I want you to be with your people on your wedding day! Not have a small film crew hovering all over you that day. I want you to have space to remember each other, and take time to breathe.


but first, coffee

I really believe that connection with my couples creates beautiful photographs. The more I know about you, the better I am able to find the real you in front of my camera. I am all about authentic photographs. I would hate for you to not love them 10 years, 30 years from now. So lets chat. It can be over coffee or your cell, but let’s connect and see if we may be a good fit.


engagement photographs

I encourage all my client to have these taken with me. Chances are, you haven’t been photographed professionally in a very long time, and it can be an adjustment. So I like to practice with my couples on how to be at-ease in front of the lens, and we go over what to do with your hands (it’s all about the hands!!) and how to relax.


that wedding day feeling

Wedding days are not something I take lightly. There are no do-overs and many times I have one moment to get that shot I so desperately want you all to have. I consider myself a documentarian first, and a distant second is the posing and making perfect images part. Feeling your wedding day and being transported to that joy (which will fade over time) by your wedding day photographs is my goal in this pursuit. It’s what drives me, and why I keep tearing up at weddings almost 8 years later.

wedding day coverage begins at $2200. please inquire for custom wedding photography requests. Please see our wedding videography section for more detail on all the film we love and offer.